Line scanner - increasing image height decreases the fps

Dear team,

I had a small query. I have set the network parameters as per the guidelines of CVB user guide. A snapshot is given below:

  • Mtu / jumbo size has been set to optimum i.e 8192

  • And descriptors number has also been set to maximum i.e 4096.

  • The same MTU setting is also reflected in the camera configuration on the CVB application.

Now in the CVB application when I change the Image height from 1 to its maximum possible value 4096, the acquisition frame rate reduces from 66 to just 0.02. And this setting is non-editable.


Can you kindly let me know if this is not the correct way to see the completed frame from the individual line scans? If not how, the individual line scans of 4096 * 1 pixels are combined to make an image frame of for example 4096 * 4096 pixels.

Any guidance on this or a referral to a similar existing topic would be highly appreciated.
Kind regards

Dear @maggi

This is a camera related question. With CVB we represent the camera features as this NodeMap visible like the one in your screenshot.

Please contact our support via or your local support from where you received the camera.
You can also use our support form:
Request support | STEMMER IMAGING (

We also need the information which camera model you use.

Hi @maggi,

a little hard to tell without knowing the camera or your setup, but as a general rule: The linescan camera acquires an image line by line, but you usually define an image size to be filled up (by concatenating the consecutively arriving lines) into an area image (this saves resources; some linescan cameras can reach line rates in the kHz range - if every single line would raise an event that you’d need to process the overhead would be way too high).

The way I read your settings, you should get a 4096x4096 RGB image. The line rate looks fairly low if that is in Hz and if I interpret this correctly, acquiring one frame would take something like 50s.