LightMeter Magic Number not Working!

I recently received a CVB dongle (serial number 50018) with a LightMeter Magic Number that I added through the Management Console. But still, whenever I start a LightMeter tutorial I get a message box telling me that no LightMeter License was found?!?

What version of CVB are you using? LightMeter has no longer been available as a separate tool since after :cvb: 10.2. If you are in fact using 10.2 - what type of dongle did you receive? One of the Wibu CodeMeters (either a silver plastic stick or a red compact stick) or a Gemalto/SafeNet key? (I think these are purple at the moment)

I am using version 10.2. The dongle I received is a short purple plastic thingy which reads “Sentinel” on the back:

Ok. “Sentinel” is just the name of the product line (which evolved from “Rainbow Sentinel”). So this is the type of dongles shipped with :cvb: prior to version 11.0 (a.k.a. 2011) and will still be shipped by default if you order a :cvb: 10 license. And in that case the LightMeter Magic Number also makes sense because up until version 10.2 LightMeter was still sold separately.

In September 2011 a problem was discovered and fixed that concerns LightMeter Magic Numbers for :cvb: serial numbers >= 50000. As this was at a stage where no more :cvb: 10.2 updates were published this fix never made it into a proper setup, but it is easy enough to apply: Simply copy the DLL from this archive [ (176.7 KB)] into your %CVB% directory, then I would expect the tool to accept the Magic Number you received. If this is not the case, please contact Stemmer Imaging’s or your local distributor’s support.

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