TeachBench for Minos

Morning all,

So I am trying to save a CLF for Minos to use and am getting a message saying I don’t have a dongle with Minos on it.

What am i doing wrong here?.


@Frank maybe you can add some information to this.

@Neil the License Manager says, all needed services are running, could you please confirm this by checking the Codemeter control center for the codemeter service and the Taskmanager for the cvmgmt.svc?

Also, are this services whitelisted by your firewall?


Hi @Neil!

Looking at your screenshot, the Minos “Magic Number” stored in your CodeMeter dongle is the 8225. Can you please let us know what the serial number of the dongle is? (go to the “Serial Numbers” page and check)

One solution was to try another dongle, and it worked, minos number was correct on it.

Dongle number was 4852, and minos was showing as licence number 8225, but on our records shows as 744300.

maybe the loaded number does not work, and needs re loading.


Hi Neil

That was what I was aiming at… :wink:
For the :cvb: tools, the CVB Serial number (either stored in a dongle or as a so-called “node-locked” license on your computer) needs to match the tool’s magic number (stored either in the dongle or in the file %CVBDATA%\License.ini). “Match” in this context means that a tool-specific and undisclosed algorithm can compute one from the other.

In your screenshot the CVB dongle contains the Minos Magic Number 8225. However, 8225 is the Minos Magic Number for the CVB serial number 999 - which is very unlikely to be stored in your dongle (999 is the number that we use for trial licenses…). I guess if you were to put the 744300 either into the dongle or into the License.ini file, your dongle #4852 would probably work…