Image tear when live capture of 4 cameras CVB 13.02.002 Ubuntu 18.04 - GenICamBrowser


I’m using CVB 13.02.002 on Ubuntu 18.04 x86_64 to capture live images from 4 cameras (1x DALSA Genie Nano C4030, 3x DALSA Genie Nano C2020) at 10 fps at maximum resolution in Bayer8-raw image format.

I was in the progress of implementing a simple image capture application that would dump the stream of all 4 cameras to disk using the CVB C++ API, when I noticed that some image frames - when rapid movement occurs in the image - appear to contain memory from previous image buffers. First I thought that might be due to some implementation issues in my program, but then I switched to GenICamBrowser and the result was the same:

  • When simultaneously live viewing 4 cameras with GenICamBrowser, some horizontal lines seem to contain outdated image buffer information and therefore the image appears to be torn apart (flickering of some horizontal lines in the vicinity of the moving object).

Do you have a suggestion how to fix this issue?

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Hi @Julian

What you are experiencing, is a clear case of a bandwidth problem.
Please make sure to:

  • not exceed the maximum transfer rate of Gigabit Ethernet (approx. 110 MB/s)
  • optimize your camera and network card for GigE Vision image acquisition

This userguide will help you find the best settings for both, camera and network adapter. Especially the topics Performance Settings, Jumbo Packets and InterPacket Delay will be helpful for you!


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Thanks Thomas,

Seems to work perfectly now. I indeed forgot to set the RX buffers correctly.