Distorted Images with LAG connection

Hello CVB Team,

We have a GigE Vision Spark series area scan (SP-5000C-GE2) camera. It supports LAG connection for higher FPS. So, I have a package written in C++ to acquire and store the images to disk. If I run the camera with only one cable connected, we get a FPS of 22 and the images look perfect. But when I try to connect two cables and establish LAG connection for 45 FPS, the images are distorted. I am seeing some random lines in between the images. Look below for the distorted image with black lines in between.

This behavior is seen with genicam browser as well. When I start the acquisition with LAG connection, I randomly see those lines in some of the frames like the image above. But with only one connection, the image frames are good.

I am currently using Windows 10 operating system. I have done teaming of the two ethernet ports connected to the PC.

The connections are configured to maximum jumbo frames of 9048 and maximum receive buffers (2048). The interrupt moderation rate is set to off.

The packet size of the camera is set to 8912.
I am not sure what else to change in regard to the ethernet settings. Any help regarding this is appreciated.

Edit: Now, I am seeing another problem with the LAG connection. The connection is unstable and CVB gives a error

Error Event Received - ID = -3 Connection Lost
Error Event Received ID = -5 CCP Reconnect

It happens with GeniCam browser and CVB++ acquisition stack as well. The logs from the GeniCam browser is as follows.

There is no external trigger to the camera. So, it is a free run.

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Keerthitheja S C

Hi @keerthitheja

Would you send us your IP setup?
LAG allows for several configurations in regards to IP and MAC.
Non-Unique IPs and/or MACs might confuse the CVB GEV Service (this manages the ownershipship over GEV cameras).

I suspect the issues there (don’t have enought infos to nail it down though).

But as a general rule, choose a setup where the aggregated link has a different IP (and MAC) than all involved network cards.

Hi @c.hartmann

The issue is fixed now. The flow control in the network card was enabled. So, after disabling it both the issues were gone. Thank you so much for the help

Thanks for the info.

I did not even consider that.
Not entirely certain why that would be an issue.

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