GevServer PixelFormat


Which pixel formats are supported when using the GevServer?
Is it possible to use all PixelFormats which are specified in the SFNC 2.3. I’m especially interested in getting three float values: std::PixelFormat = Coord3D_ABC32f


The short answer is yes: all PFNC pixel formats can be sent.

The longer answer is that this is possible with the GEV Server in version 2 mode (C api):


In this mode only manual send is possible. If you want to send arbitrary data you need to add the format to the Std::PixelFormat enumeration (symbolic e.g. Coord3D_ABC32f and value as defined by the PFNC: 0x026000C0). You should also keep a mochrome format like Mono16 (PFNC_Mono16/0x01100007) so most clients will be able to receive and deliver the data (3D support is not that wide spread yet). You could for example send your data as a 2½D image as Mono16.

To send arbitrary data you need to prepare the buffer to be sent and call: