GEVServer - Changing image length

At the GEV Server end we are using a linescan camera. I need to be able to change the image length, but it would appear from the manual, once the server is created, it’s not possible to change the image size. Is my understanding correct?

I have tried stopping and destroying the GEV server, but it then cannot be found until the application is restarted. I must be doing something wrong, but I am currently struggling to figure that out!

Hi @ABaier
what do you mean with image length?
What is the task you try to achieve?

Hi @Chris

By image length, I mean the length of the image transmitted by GEVServer. Is it possible to dynamically change the image size once the server is created?

Are you sending images from a given folder?
I would expect that it is possible to have images of different sizes in there but I have never tested this.

Hi @Chris

Not necessarily saved images, but from an existing image stream coming into CVB that I want to send elsewhere via GEVServer. Sometimes these incoming images will be of different sizes.

Ok, I have the information, that you cant realise this in via the NodeMap but you can simply resize the images bevore sending them through the GevServer

Hi @Chris

Ok thanks for letting me know. So GEVServer itself doesn’t prevent you from sending images of various sizes, but the NodeMap won’t reflect the correct size if the image size sent differs. Is that correct?

I think so, yes.