GEVServer - change access mode depending on grab status

What is the correct method of changing the access mode (read only vs read write) depending upon say whether the GEV Server is in grab mode or not.

The obvious way is to change the node’s access mode from AM_RW to AM_RO, but that does not appear to work. I am sure there is a better way!

Hi @ABaier ,

could it be, that this question is related to this one:

What I understand is: You want to change the ImagerLength node (or some similar Node) but you cant, as the Node ist currently ReadOnly.
The reason it is ReadOnly is very likely because you have an active Grab going on.
So the only way to change the desired Node actually is to stop the Grab bevore trying to change it.

Hi @Chris

This is the same project, but not the same question.

How can you change a parameter node’s access mode dependent on certain conditions?

For example, manually set a node’s access to ReadOnly while Grab is active, then set it to Read/Write when Grab is not active.

Hi @ABaier ,

you can set the Accessmode like this:

example: SetImposedAccessMode(Cvb::GenApi::AccessMode::ReadWrite);