C6 set NodeMap values


I am using a C6 sensor and having problems with image acquisition because of “Multi part”, basically I am trying to change the parameter “GevSCCFGMultiPart” to false to solve this problem but I can’t find how to do that (the NodeMap value is read-only.


Hi @roman5991,

might it be the case that you are trying to write “GevSCCFGMultiPart” while the grab is active?

When the grab is active, the node is only readable:

If you deactivate the grab, the node will be RW:

The same can be observed in the CVB Sdk:

In case this is not the reason on your system, please check the firmware version of your C6 (newest version is 2023.4)

Thank you!
I am having a problem understanding the whole “Node” system, how do I change values?
If I want to change the “GevSCCFGMultiPart” to false how do I do that?

I think I have managed to change the value but it seems ridiculous that I had to Cast the Node to BooleanNode in order to change the Value.

Sadly after changing the value to false and activating the grab the black strip image doesn’t change.
The stream is open and receiving frames but they are fully black.
The Image I see in the wpf display controller :

When I try image acquisition with GenICam browser and multi part is set to false I see only a white screen, and when I set multi part to true I see :

Notice that I do receive frames.

Any one knows what should I do ?
Thank you!

Hi @roman5991,

please have a look on this post for a general description for using a C6 in CVB. In the latests post, there is a link to a step by step document that you can download. This documentation plus the linked CVB forum post should cover all questions:

There is also a recommendation in the document for working with C6 cameras that suggests to use the cxSolutionPackage (https://www.at-sensors.com/product-support/downloads/) from the supplier for setting up the camera in the first place. The GenICam-Browser is very usefull to setup any kind of areascan or linescan cameras, but the C6 is very specific as there are multiple image modes.
After setting up your camera setup, it is easy to switch to CVB for your application using the MultiPart Support in CVB. See the MultiPart with a C6 here: https://forum.commonvisionblox.com/t/switching-from-automation-technology-c5-to-c6-cameras-in-cvb/1868/2