Foundation Package as an upgrade

I have a few existing installations at customer sites that are using Image Manager and one or more tools. One customer would like a minor upgrade that could be achieved with Foundation Package.

Is it possible to upgrade from CVB 2011 Image Manager to Foundation Package (and no version updates)? I am really wondering if it is a ‘magic number’ upgrade or a new dongle so that I can avoid a site visit.

Hello @LincolnshirePoacher,
The answer is ‘it depends’. It can be a magic number upgrade, but within constraints.

  • Newer than CVB 11.01.000 (be careful of the version numbers - this is CVB2011 as you mentioned, but the minor version is important)
  • Safenet dongle only (which also means 32b only)

Otherwise, it has to be a new dongle.

I hope that helps,



brace yourself for a lengthy add-on reply… :wink:

The answer mostly depends on what dongle you are using.

###Gemalto/SafeNet Sentinel SuperPro
(this type of dongle changed in appearance over the years from purple to black and most recently back to a purple USB stick, but it always had the word Sentinel somewhere on it)

With that type of dongle, the Foundation Package license can be added “in the field” (i.e. without sending the dongle back to Stemmer Imaging and having it modified) by licensing the Foundation Package like a tool. That means you can order the Foundation Package Upgrade (don’t forget to specify the dongle’s :cvb: serial number) and will receive a Magic Number that’ll unlock the Foundation Package for you. Once you have your Magic Number, open the :cvb: Management Console and open the Magic Numbers view, then press the “New License.ini Entry” button and enter your Magic Number there with the tool ID FoundationPackage

To verify the success of that go to the “Serial Numbers” view and press “Refresh”. In the column “Foundation” it should now read Yes for your SafeNet dongle entry. If it does not, double-check the Magic Number that has been entered (and that it matches the :cvb: serial number you ordered it for) and reboot the system.


  • Remember that the Gemalto/SafeNet Sentinel keys are only supported in the 32 bit version of Common Vision Blox
  • To use this feature, it is absolutely necessary to have Common Vision Blox 11.01.000 or newer (preferably at least 11.02.005) installed on your system.

WIBU CodeMeter

(the grayish dongles that ship by default with Common Vision Blox 2011 and newer)

The CodeMeter dongles are easily field-upgradable, which means that if necessary the Foundation Package license may be added to them after they have been shipped. To carry out such a field upgrade, a context file for the dongle will be needed. To generate such a context file plug in your CodeMeter dongle and start the program “CodeMeter Control Center” which has been installed by the Common Vision Blox setup

In the left panel, select the “CmStick” entry (if you changed the name of your dongle previously, “CmStick” will have been replaced with the name you chose) and press the “License Update” button:

This will start a short series of Dialogs in which you can usually just confirm the preselected entries. These are (in order of appearance) “Create license request”, “Extend existing license”, “STEMMER IMAGING GmbH (101548)” and finally the file name under which to save the context file (extension: *.WibuCmRaC).

Send this context file along with a short mail that indicates that you want to order a Foundation Package Upgrade for a dongle that has already been shipped to you our your target site to

Once your order has been processed you will receive an update file (extension: *.WibuCmRaU). To apply the changes in that update file to your dongle, plug the dongle in and start (once again) the CodeMeter Control Center application and press (once again) the button License Update. This will again start the series of dialogs. This time, however, please select Import license update

and then browse to the location of the update file you received.

If everything worked, CodeMeter Control Center will tell you that the changes have been applied, and you should now be able to verify the presence of a Foundation Package license in the :cvb: Management Console. The changes will have been written to the dongle itself, so it will be sufficient to go through this procedure just this once.