Discover camera and check this connection state

Is it possible to discover cameras with CVBPy Api?
How to control the connection status of a camera ?

Thank you for your help

You can discovery cameras by using the DeviceFactory class

def discover_from_level ( access_token,  
                          flags = cvb.DiscoverFlags.FindAll,  
                          time_span = 300  

I don´t see that we already implemented our Connection Monitoring functionality in CVBPy. At least it is not documented.
But I think one of my colleagues can give us more information in the next days.

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I tested discover and connectionState, but it does not work.
What is it acces_token variable?

Hi @gsFra

youi should use def discover_from_root(flags = cvb.DiscoverFlags.FindAll, time_span = 300 )
Discover from a level is used to discover only on a single interface (e.g NIC or USB HC) which you have already discoverd before.

Connection monitoring is not yet implmented in CVBpy. What is your usecase here?

For example could periodically discover and check if your device is still there.
Depending on your acquisition you may also get an disconnection error while waiting for an image.