Dalsa Linea & encoder triggering


I am using a Dalsa Linea Mono 4K GigE line scan camera, and I am having some issues with the encoder-triggered behavior.

I would like to use the encoder-triggered camera on a conveyor belt system that can move forward and backward at any speed below the maximum trigger frequency.
From the manual, it seems like this should be possible, however I am not getting the expected behavior.

  1. When setting Cust::rotaryEncoderOutputMode to “Position”, I should be able to move the conveyor backwards without generating new scan lines (this works). After that, I should only receive new scan lines after the conveyor has moved forward again past its “most forward” position. The latter does not work. Instead, I am receiving new scan lines as soon as the conveyor is moving forward again. Is there something I might be doing wrong?
  2. When setting Cust::rotaryEncoderOutputMode to “Motion”, I receive new scan lines for all encoder movements (as expected). However, I have no way of tracking the conveyor position in this mode. Can anyone give me any insights here? I have tried using the end-of-line metadata, but none of the metadata seems to help for getting the encoder position.

I have already set the Cust::PacketTimeout parameter in the TLDatastream node map to zero, as suggested in another topic.



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Dear Micheal,

this seems more like a hardware related question. This forum is dedicated to CVB only as for hardware support we have to ask questions which are more personal like serialnumbers, order no. etc.

I will write you a PN.