Unable to grab multiple frames from a Dalsa Linea

We have two Dalsa Linea 8K GigE cameras that should be encoder-triggered per line and capturing 8192x2048 frames using CVB 13.02.004. However, we’re having a issue capturing more than one frame from each camera from a single grab. We initially noticed this issue in our own software, but the same issue occurs in Genicam Browser with a single camera, whether triggered or in free run mode. The strange thing is that if I connect to a camera in Sapera CamExpert and grab a frame, subsequently grabbing within our software or Genicam Browser works fine for that camera, at least until it is restarted. The Sapera version is 8.50.

Has anyone seen anything similar or have an idea how to address this?

Hello ChrisE, one possible cause for the behavior described is the setting of parameter Acquisition Mode. For the value Single Frame only one frame is captured for each AcquisitionStart command which is executed in the background. The following picture is showing the parameter.


The CamExpert of the SaperaLT seems to ignore this parameter. The following image is showing the parameter viewed with the CamExpert.

The value of the parameter is still preserved after closing CamExpert and reentering GenICamBrowser. So a possible reason for the described behavior might be that the parameter Acquisition Mode was set to Single Frame accidentally. If this is the case readjust the value to Continuous.

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Hi KVo,
That fixed it, thanks!