Two instances of the GenICam driver

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Bit of an unusual question about whether something is even possible. We would like to use CVB Viewer to open one of two cameras, depedning upon which shortcut is pressed. This is intended to work in such a way that the user doesn’t have to change the camera port themselves. The way I see it, there are two ways this could be done:

  • Have two instances of the GenICam driver, so that two different *.vins can be used, each with their own .ini.
  • Use just one driver, and somehow tell Viewer which CameraPort to use on startup, perhaps based on a shortcut variable?

Are either of these things possible within Viewer?

Thanks for the help.

Good morning @Pizza_Sub_Pizza,

with our driver you can use multiple cameras. In the CVB Viewer application you can select them with CameraSelect in the Grabber Properties.

Configure multiple cameras:

Select camera:

For an individual solution with shortcuts you will have to write your own application. You will find multiple tutorials in different programming languages in %CVB%Tutorial/ImageManager.

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I think the shortcut solution won’t really work because even if you rename the to and both would still read the same registry key to track down their *.ini file and hence use the same file.