CVB 13.01.002 Core3DViewer crash


I am trying to create an application with Core3D, however if I add the component to my VS project and/or start the Core3D, it crashes. If I look at the event viewer I see the following:

Have you seen this beforehand?

It is running Win 7 - win 32.

Any ideas would be appreciated.



Hi @Amicelli,

by Core3d you mean the 3D Viewer ActiveX control? If yes, do you have a graphics driver installed supporting OpenGL?

Which version of OpenGL does my graphics card need to support?

The CVCore3DViewer.ocx makes use of VTK 7.1.1 to do its job. On Windows we use the vtkOpenGL2Renderer class which - despite its name - requires OpenGL 3.2 (see discussion here if you want more detail).

OpenGL is normally not usable on virtualized machines (VMWare, VirtualBox and the likes) and is questionable through some remote desktop environments.

@illusive, thank you for the clarification.