Supported .net frameworks with CVB


previously a project was done with a different SDK using .net to communicate with the cameras. The application was written to run under the traditional .Net ‘desktop’ framework, e.g., Windows Forms under .Net 4. However, the aim is to move forward to the newer .Net Core 3 infrastructure that Microsoft is recommending for new projects. Our previous project was compiled using the .Net Standard rather than the .Net 2.0 desktop framework.

Is CVB supporting the .Net Core 3 infrastructure if the new project would to use CVB?


:cvb: - both the C-API wrapped in the iCVCImg.dll and its siblings - as well as CVB.Net have been developed and validated with the .Net Framwork (currently version 3.5 in case of the C-API, version 4 in case of CVB.Net). We cannot at this time guarantee compliance with one of the .Net Core versions - this is especially true for the hitherto unreleased .Net Core 3.

The mid-to-longterm plan is to include .Net Core compatibility testing, but this is planned no sooner than version 14.0.

Thanks for the information.