Compressing frames to jpeg in camera

Quick question, is it possible to compress frames to jpeg in the camera itself before it is sent over the network? or do the cameras usually only deliver raw?

Needing to do fast paced aqcuisition on 3 cameras at almost full 30fps each and store each frame coming from a hardware trigger, the reiceving computer is not fast enough to compress the raws to jpeg fast enough, so i wanted to see if it is a possibility to do that in the cameras themselves?

I’m working with genie nano series of cameras.

Best regards!

Hi @antonkristensen
This is not a standard feature of machine vision cameras. I know that some cameras from Teledyne Dalsa can use a special JPEG firmware, with which you can receive JPEG compressed images out of the camera.

Please get in contact with our support. They can check if your camera model is capable of using this special JPEG firmware.