Can't find ATC5 2040 camera on Jetson Nano with GenICam

I am currently unable to discover the ATC5 2040 camera on Jetson Nano (Ubuntu 64bit 18.04) with the GenICam software, even when using the ignore subnet option.

I have set the IP on both the Jetson Nano and ATC5 to range and I am able to find the ATC5 on the Jetson with “arp -a” in the terminal. I am also able to ping the camera ip, but still unable to discover the camera on the software.

I have also tried ip ranges: and

Thanks in advance for you help.

Hello Ashley,
can you please check that your two devices (Jetson Nano and the AT-C5 camera) are in the same subnet? The button “Ignore Subnet Discover” in the GenICamBrowser is not working on a default installation of a Jetson system. It is not discovering all the subnets.
The easiest way to get your camera running:
Please configure your camera manually to the same subnet as your Jetson Nano system and do a “save persistant” on the camera. Reconnect your camera to the Jetson. After that, the camera should be available in your GenICamBrowser.