C5 2d image is imagePtr or bufferPtr

Hi all,

I just finish to update my C5 class after creating a C6 class in a spirit of clean code. I can take depth pictures withe the C5, it’s work fine.

When I want to get the 2d images, I get frome the C5 stream sometime ImagePtr sometime BufferPtr.

I don’t understand how this change is happening, only that when I cut the power supply of the camera, and use the C5 after it, I get the ImagePtr (and after some use of the C5, I get somehow the BufferPtr.

Do someone know why ?

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I have a few questions.

What PixelFormat is set in the C5? Is this something you change in your code?

Do you receive the ImagePtr and then suddenly receive BufferPtr while acquiring? Or is this after changing e.g. the PixelFormat?

Thanks in advance for your response!

Hi @silas,

Normally it is set up to mono 8 bits by default, and that is what I use.

My problem appear also with Genicam Browser : I have 2d images for some time and I stop or start the acquisition randomly along my dev. test or my camera setup test, and at one moment, when I don’t change any parameters on the camera, I get a strange image in Genicam Browser and a buffer ptr in my code.

It"s very strange because I don’t change anythings, I just start and stop the 2d acquisition.

Sorry for the delay, I was working on camera test between C5 and C6.

Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

Hi @AxelDosSantosDoAlto,

this might get outside of the scope of this forum as this is possibly product related. Please contact de.support@stemmer-imaging.com for further steps.
What exact camera model for the C5 are you using and which firmware version is installed?
Could you provide a settings file from the camera for the case that the issue appears?
Which CVB version are you using?
Do you have a simplified code snippet that will show the change of pointer type?

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Hi guys,

I don’t think this is a AT support because it’s your classes that I use. It seems that I can get Image 8bits, Image 16 bits or raw buffer 8 or 16 bits data, it depend of an action that I don’t understand.
There you will find the kind of image in 2D that I can get from the C5 camera and GeniCam Browser.

How can I give you the firmware version ? I can’t share gsc file with you.

Thanks again for your answer.

Hi @AxelDosSantosDoAlto,

you can access the camera firmware version using the camera nodemap. In the DeviceControl, there is an entry on the current firmware (StringNode). This entry can easily be read using the GenICam-Browser.
All further communication here should be followed on the stemmer support communication line that is already in progress.
FYI @MandanaS

Hi @Simon ,

Thanks for your answer and your time.

I understand where come from my problem : when I go from area scan/image mode to line scan 3d with a C5, I active the FIRpeak mode automatically.

But when I go back to area scan/image mode, I need to disable manually the FIRpeak mode, to get the real sensor image.

So all is good for me. Thanks for your time.

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