C5 2d image is imagePtr or bufferPtr

Hi all,

I just finish to update my C5 class after creating a C6 class in a spirit of clean code. I can take depth pictures withe the C5, it’s work fine.

When I want to get the 2d images, I get frome the C5 stream sometime ImagePtr sometime BufferPtr.

I don’t understand how this change is happening, only that when I cut the power supply of the camera, and use the C5 after it, I get the ImagePtr (and after some use of the C5, I get somehow the BufferPtr.

Do someone know why ?

Best regards,


I have a few questions.

What PixelFormat is set in the C5? Is this something you change in your code?

Do you receive the ImagePtr and then suddenly receive BufferPtr while acquiring? Or is this after changing e.g. the PixelFormat?

Thanks in advance for your response!