ATC6 multi image

I received ATC6 for test.
Compared to ATC5, lots of changes are necessary.
One thing I don’t understand is:
For LineScan3D mode, I have anabled one AOI (Region0) and one “Scan 3d Extraction 0” with 200 (Height) extractions. In that node, if I enable only one “Component” (range) or the 3 components (range + Reflectance + scatter), I only see a 200 lines picture. (The problem is the same if I enable other AOIs).
Does the camera sends different IMG objects for the same “frame”?
If YES, how can I get them?

I think I understood what was wrong:
I needed to set “Gev SCC Multi-Part Enable” to TRUE.

So the example CppMultiPartConposite gives more than one image per frame trigger.

One last question:
I am used to work with G2Wait. Is it possible to get the N images per triggered frame using those APIs? or MUST I use 3rd generation interface?


Hi @Mikael
The MultiPart image support was one reason why the 3rd generation acquisition stack was introduced. The 2nd generation acquisition stack (IGrab2 Interface) does not support MultiPart images

OK, thanks Sebastian.

About “CppMutliPartComposite.exe” example, it works fine with the good amout of composite per frame asked.
If I quit the example while it is running and I restart it, I always have acq timeouts .
The only ways to make work the example again is to grab images with “common vision blox image viewer”. This is a problem if the application crahses and if we cannot restart it.
Do you have an idea how to solve this issue?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @Mikael
Currently i do not have an idea why this happens. We might need to reproduce it.

As we are closed from tomorrow until the 2nd of January this can´t be done in the next days.

Can you send us information about your setup:

  • CVB Version
  • Operating System
  • Platform

Additionally it could help to get the settings of the AT C6 camera. For this it would make sense to additionally contact us via our support channel.
For Germany and the DACH Region it would be

Hi Sebastien,

Can you send us information about your setup:

CVB: 13.04.005 (x64)
Windows : 10 x64 21H2
Camera : ATC6-2040-Gige

As we are closed from tomorrow until the 2nd of January this can´t be done in the next days.

The same for me. Merry christmas :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Mikael,

this behaviour seems to be related to the C6 internal handling of connection loss to the host. I will get in contact with the manufacturer on this.

As a quick workarround the term “dataStream->TryDeviceAbort()” could be used in the CppMultiPartComposite Tutorial before executing “dataStream->Start()” to reset the acquisition status.
Thank you for reporting this observation.

the workaround works fine.
Best regards.