What strategy applied when a camera disconnection?

Hi everybody,

I use a USB3 camera.
I want to detect disconnecting the camera during the acquisition of stream.
Is there a trigger of loss of connection?
If yes, how implemented this?

Best wishes and thanks for your help,

Hi @gsFra

Currently there is no such mechanism for python. However it will be there with our next release which is coming very soon.

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Hi Andreas,

Thank you for this information. I’m in a hurry to discover the new version.
Do you have a release date of this new version?

I have this version :

‘CVBpy-v0.900.288.build-288.rev-2980+ Release gcc54 @ ubu1604-aarch64 & CVB+±v1.0.0.build-238.rev-2980+ & CVB-v13.00.000’

What is a newer version?

Hi @gsFra,

sorry for the delay. We now have a development version where this feature has been tested successfully. Please contact our support (support@stemmer-imaging.de) if you are interested in early access.

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