Watermark appearing when method is called more than once

Hi all,

I am working on a moving camera setup, every time the camera arrives at a specified location in the plane I call a function save_images(). There are 3 images to be saved per position, 1 bayered image I want to debayer, and two images in the Near Infra Red. When running my save_images() method for the first time ( = at the first position ) , no problem occurs. When the camera moves on to the next positions and the save_images() get’s called for the second time, a watermark appears on the debayerd image. How can I solve this problem?

Thanks in advance

The code of the save_images() method :

save_images(self, folder_name : str , ipos : int):
        """This method saves the images as a numpy array to a certain folder_name,
            ipos is an integer which tells us to which measurement the image belongs"""
        devices = cvb.DeviceFactory.discover_from_root(cvb.DiscoverFlags.IgnoreVins)
        with cvb.DeviceFactory.open(devices[0].access_token, cvb.AcquisitionStack.GenTL) as device:
            streams = [device.stream(cvb.ImageStream, i) for i in range(device.stream_count)]
            for stream in streams:
            for stream in streams:
            for i in range(1):
                images = [stream.wait() for stream in streams]
                image_no = 1 
                for image, status, nodes in images:
                    if image_no == 1 :
                        image = cvb.foundation.bayer_to_rgb(image,1,1)
                    filename = os.path.join(folder_name + '\\' + str(ipos) + '_' + str(image_no) + '.jpg')
                    nparrayim = cvb.as_array(image)
                    plt.imsave(filename, nparrayim)
                    image_no += 1
                with image:
                    print("Acquired image: " + str(i) + " | Timestamp: " + str(image.raw_timestamp))
            for stream in streams:
            for stream in streams:

Do you have a valid foundation license? Maybe look into your LicenseManager.