USB3 Vision to HTML5 / WebRTC

Hi all,

We’re reviewing on how to build a vision system using a USB C camera with Common Vision Blox.

Our application is web-based with backend (vision analytics) in the cloud and we would like to have the USB C camera connected to the client computer and, if possible, use HTML5/WebRTC to capture the image through the client browser and then upload through the browser to the cloud for analytics.

Is this possible to accomplish? Can the USB C Vision stream (with the use of the CVB driver) be exposed to the browser?


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Hi @nkrantz

I had to think about what you want to do quite some time. Usually this is the trigger to make sure I fully understand your requirements.

I understand, that you have a client PC, that has a Camera connected to it (U3V or GigE).
You want to acquire images from this camera and send them to a webbrowser/ server.

As soon as the images are sent to your server you want to load them to your cloud and display them in the browser.

Is that correct? Maybe a little diagram would be useful here.


Hi Chris,

Thank you for taking the time to think about these requirements! What we are considering for now is the image capture itself to happen in the web browser. Perhaps this can clarify:

  1. In the production line, we will install a camera (let’s assume USB3 Vision for now).
  2. USB3 Vision camera is connected to a PC in the production line
  3. The same PC is running our application for process control (think MES system). The application is HTML5 based (i.e. the operators access the application GUI through the web browser in the PC). The application backend is in the cloud/ or in the customer data center.
  4. With the use of HTML5 or WebRTC in the browser, it is normally possible using javascript to access camera devices with getUserMedia functionality (
  5. My question relates to this - is it possible to access USB3 vision through this functionality with the use of CVB? Or, is some other conversion of the USB3 vision stream required in order to access it with this method?

Hope this clarifies what we are trying to achieve!

Best regards,

Hi @nkrantz

we are planning to add a new feature to CVB somewhen this year, that acquires images from a camera and sends it over a websocket. With this you can open up a websocket client in javascript to display the images in HTML or process them any other way.

If you need more than this (Grab start/ stop from browser) you might have to get there on your own by using Python/ C# and a Library for Sockets or similar. Once you have an image in CVB you have the pixelvalues and are thus free to send them pretty much anywhere you like.

If you are interested in a custom solution feel free to contact us at any time via our german support email to see what we can do:



Thank you Chris for your support and input!
Appreciate it!