Updated Online Help

Hi everyone!

This is more of an FYI post than anything else, but we have an announcement to make:
We have updated our online documentation of :cvb:

The new help is reachable (actually since a few weeks already) under the address https://help.commonvisionblox.com/NextGen/14.0/index.html.

With an updated documentation process and infrastructure in place we are now able to address two issues we had in the past:

  1. Where in the past there was only one version of the documentation available online we will now be able to publish one version for each release, thus reducing confusion about what release contains what features. Users will be able to simply select the version they are interested in.
  2. It will now be able to cover more modules in the search function of the online help. This has not yet been brought to perfection as there are still internal boundaries to cope with, but the coverage has become much better than it used to be.

While :cvb: still shipped with the hitherto used collection of chm Files, the plan is to switch to the new online documentation on the 14.1 installment of :cvb:. For those who depend on a locally available help system, we will most likely make the content of the help pages available as a download.