Version History

There are two sources for information regarding changes between different releases of Common Vision Blox:

The Release Notes that come with every release of Common Vision Blox

Every Common Vision Blox installer installs a release notes file (ReleaseNotes.chm in all recent releases) in the directory %CVB%\Doc that contains a detailed list of changes that a new release delivers.

The Version History (below)

Starting with Common Vision Blox 11.02.000 the rate at which patch releases are published has been increased. Because each patch release only ever updates a very small number of files, updating the Release Notes with each patch release does not really make sense. Therefore the developers started maintaining the version history, a brief list of changes between patch releases.

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:exclamation: Not all versions have been released for all target platforms and in all available flavors. If a specific version is not available in the respective download section it has not been released for that platform.

:exclamation:As we learned over time, Discourse text entries are limited to 32k. We will therefore split the version history into individual entries. This will lead to a rearrangement in that from now on the latest additions will always be found at the bottom end of this thread - which is probably a good idea anyway as Discourse always puts you at the bottom end of a thread you already visited…


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11.02.000 [2013-12-19]

Major release; please refer to ReleaseNotes.chm.

11.02.001 [2014-01-22] updated (11.02.000 contains a bug that leads to problems with multi-process scenarios)

11.02.002 [2014-02-06]

GEVTL.cti updated.

CVCFile.dll updated (version in 11.02.000 does not handle jpeg files with EXIF tags).

CVBCOP3DViewer.exe updated (somehow a binary with outdated dependencies made it into the 11.02.000 release).

11.02.003 [2014-05-13]

SIGEVSvc.exe updates to fix various issues.

CVCFile.dll updated (handles save errors more gracefully now).

x64 only: MinosCVC.dll (Correlation now thread safe in x64 build).

11.02.004 [2014-07-15]

The SIGEVSvc.exe in 11.02.003 was still defective. Now fixed.

CVRegistry.cvb updated (now handles version 0.0.0 gracefully)

11.02.005 [2014-12-03]

The CvMgmtSvc.exe was updated to eliminate a problem with the random number generator that could in some cases lead to the service crashing during a license query.

CVRegistry.cvb updated (now handles white spaces in XML URLs gracefully).

CVGenApi.dll race condition resolved that could occur when a node object that is currently being queried is released at the same time.

11.02.006 [2015-02-03] has been updated: Conversions for 16 bit formats have been fixed, INotify has been fixed, RingBuffer handling has been fixed, GenTL event registration has been fixed.

11.02.007 [2015-03-16]

SIGEVSvc.exe and GevTL.cti updated. Both have been switched to using non-blocking sockets. Logging has been improved.

11.02.008 [2015-06-08]

SIGEVSvc.exe updated. Service now works properly on machines with only one CPU core. updated to fix a bug introduced in in 11.02.006.


… was never published.

12.00.001 [2015-07-10]

Major Release - please refer to the product release notes for the list of changes.

12.00.002 [2015-08-19]

CVCImg.dll updated (bug in CreateMatrixTransformedImage fixed).

CVGenApi updated because of a minor update in the GenApi.

CVUAL.dll has been updated to fix a hashing problem that could lead to cameras not being visible.

CVMgmtSvc.exe updated because CVUAL.dll source is linked statically into this binary.

lsual.exe has been updated for the same reason.

GenICamBrowser.exe updated because a few small UI glitches have been fixed.

GEVSD.dll has been updated because a faulty return value when setting the number of resend buffers has been fixed.

The U3V class driver setup has been revised and made leaner than in the previous build.

LicWizardBase.dll has been updated because a deadlock in the previous build caused by a change to boost::thread has been fixed.

siGevSvc.exe fixes a race condition in the shutdown routine of the service.

siPCap.exe now handles FD and FDX in one executable.

U3VDriverManager.dll fixes a few UI glitches.

12.00.003 [2015-10-26]

CVCImg.dll updated (fix for CreateSubImage - necessary due to a side-effect of the fix for CreateMatrixTransformedImage). Also, the CVCImg.dll is now finally able to save colored MIO files in the x64 build.

The Management Console now switches working directory as soon as the F1 help is opened to make sure that the links embedded in the help file are working.

Win32 installer now installs CodeMeter 4.50 on Windows XP.

Note that these are just the changes on the CameraSuite file set. For the rest of the files, the 12.00.003 release can (and should) be considered the CVB baseline.

12.00.004 [2015-12-02]

CVMgmtSvc.exe updated to version 2.2.1.x
Allows up to 50 CameraSuite keys to be entered now.

LicWizardBase.dll updated to 1.10.4.x
Allows entry of up to 50 CameraSuite keys now.

Fixed bluescreen that occurred with USB3-Ethernet adapter on unplug events fixed packet resend issue with binning. As those binaries need to match the filter driver, the GevFdDiag.exe and GevFdXDiag.exe have also been updated.

CVGevServer.dll updated to
Fixed IMG sending for RGB images (PFNC changed the meaning of some parts…).

Installer: Corrected RestartCodeMeterSilent action.

12.00.005 [2015-12-15]

MinosCVC.dll updated to 2.6.5.x.
Fixed bug in LearnClfFromMts.

CVCUtilities.dll updated to 4.4.1.x.
Now has an undocumented export to trigger license provider rescans in the license service. updated to
Now with support for the new TurboDrive feature of the TeleDyne Dalsa Genie Nano. Also updated GenICam.ini accordingly.

GEVSD.dll updated to
Now with support for the new TurboDrive feature of the TeleDyne Dalsa Genie Nano.

GEVFD.dll and GEVFDX.dll updated to
Now with support for the new TurboDrive feature of the TeleDyne Dalsa Genie Nano.

GenICamBrowser.exe updated to
Now with support for the new TurboDrive feature of the TeleDyne Dalsa Genie Nano.

12.00.006 [2016-01-27]

TeachBench.exe updated to and TeachBench.Base.dll updated to
Fixed an animation bug that crashed the application. Also other minor additions.

PolimagoLib.dll updated to
Fixed x64 pointer aliasing problem.

Fix to's new TurboDrive feature.

siFilterIP.sys/siNetFilter.sys fixes for bluescreen issues on USB3 to Ethernet converters.

12.00.007 [2016-02-15]

Reverted back to version (as in CVB 12.00.004) as the lastest changes were disruptive for a customer’s test farm.

Updated PolimagoLib.dll to version to address a problem caused in the previous release by uninitialized variables.

Updated CvMgmtSvc.exe to version to cover the new MAC address range used by AT in the AT CameraSuite licensing.

Updated silogsvc.exe.

12.01.000 [2016-03-21]

Major Release - please refer to the product release notes for the list of changes.

12.01.001 [2016-05-17]

CVMgmtSvc.exe updated to
Service no longer has a static dependency on the WIBU DLLs now and may be installed + launched even on systems that have no WIBU runtime installed.

CVUAL.dll updated to
No more timeouts on the event interface plus thread-safe cleanup after timeout.

Exchanged iCVCImg.h, iCVGenApi.h, CVCImg_bcb.lib and CVGenApiGrid_bcb.lib due to CBuilder compatibility issues.