GenICamBrowser on Linux - Help files not showing


I am taking my first steps on Linux. I have installed CVB and found the GenICamBrowser, and so far it seems to work. But out of the three menu entries under “Help”, only the option “Online GenICam User Guide” actually works, the other two don’t do anything.

Hi @taserface,

this is because the installed electronic help files come as “compiled html files” (extension: *.chm). This format was/is quite widespread on Windows, however practically no Linux distribution installs a viewer for this file format by default. Therefore, when the GenICamBrowser tries to open one of these files (GenICamBrowser.chm or Hardware/GenICam_CVB_UserGuid.chm below the ${CVB} directory nothing happens.

To change this, please install a chm viewer and try a gain (e. g. with sudo apt-get install kchmviewer).