NuGet Packages for CVB.NET Dll's


I was thinking about having the CVB.Net Libraries in a NuGet package, so one is actually able to compile the project even if CVB is not installed on the computer.

Is this a thing, or are there licensing issues with that or generally not wished from your side.

I would love to hear your opinion on that :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance


Hi @johmarjac,

first: we too love package management systems. But there are several buts…

:cvb: isn’t just a library or set of libraries which can be copy deployed. We need to have drivers (e.g. filter driver for GigE Vision) and services installed which require admin rights to install. And also as you guessed we depend on a licensing setup which needs services.

So we could create a NuGet package just containing the .Net wrapper DLLs. But these would only work with an installed version of :cvb: with a certain minimum version. Thus your expectation of just installing the NuGet package to get a working app would result in a runtime error.

Because of that and to avoid confusion we bundle the .Net wrappers with our setup and install them to the GAC.

I hope that helps although it is not the outcome you (and I) would wish for.

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We recently had problems with our nuget cvb camera class with x64 dll’s running on a x86

A nuget that does some checks if a compatible CVB is installed and otherwise throws some exceptions would be super nice!

Already looked into other options Assemby.LoadFrom, AddDllDirectory, Lazy dll loading using %CVB% path.
But not really convenient.

Do you know a solution for this?