Setting the Triggersource Node with CVBpy

Hi, im trying to set the vlaue of the nodemap in python. It does work for node like AquisitionMode.TriggerSelector or AquisitionFramecount for Example:

aqui_node.value = ‘Continuous’
triggerselector_node = ‘FrameStart’
quiframecount_node.value = 20

But if i want to sent the Triggersource to Software it gets me an error, that the Value is invalid

triggersource_node.value = ‘TrigggerSoftware’ (with space or without doesnt makes a difference) ‘Line1’ does work. How can i solve this problem?

Greetings Mucki

Hi @Mucki

please be aware that the trigger source node is an enumeration node. This means it only takes a certain set of predefined values (enum entries) as values. You can get a list of all possible values via EnumerationNode.entries. This property will return a list EnumEntryNodes each with a diffrent numeric and symbolic value. The symbolic value can be used to set the enum.

You may have a look at the node via the GneiCam bowser. Please note that the display name may not be the same as the symbolic value.