Accessing CVB Management Console Camera Properties via Python


I’m trying to access and change the same camera properties that is accessible through the CVB Management Console, for example AOI-tracking and Camera Mode, using the Python API. I have tried to look in the documentation without any luck.

I have found a way to read the properties via the NodeMap class dictonary “nodes”, but I still dont know how to change them.

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Hi @trymdh

you can find a tutorial that shows how to edit NodeMap values in your installation directory of CVB:

C:\Program Files\STEMMER IMAGING\Common Vision Blox\Tutorial\Image Manager\CVBpy\DeviceConfiguration

It shows the configuration of a camera for being software triggered and also how to execute the SoftwareTrigger:

import os
import cvb

device =, "drivers", ""), port=0)
dev_node_map = device.node_maps["Device"]

triggerModeNode = dev_node_map["TriggerMode"]
triggerModeNode.value = "On"

triggerSourceNode = dev_node_map["TriggerSource"]
triggerSourceNode.value = "Software"

softwareTrigger = dev_node_map["TriggerSoftware"]

I hope this was what you were looking for.



Thanks, I figured it out:)

Thank you for your time

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@Andreas how do you get the output of the additional node information in the image above? I’m using Python with VS code.

nvm, I got it :slight_smile:

Getting Started with CVBpy

If you want to change nodes and no idea how you can do then you can take help from python experts or you can also take online helps via videos, online python blogs or you can also do python course.


Hi and welcome @ravikumar89!

I am sorry, but I honestly do not think that your post is making an actual contribution to the issue discussed here. If you think you can help, please be more specific than that.