Running Ebus SDK on jetson nano

I am currently making my bachelor thesis where i am working on the jetson nano with a jai GO-5000C-PGE camera. I have installed the specific sdk for the jetson nano ( I have followed the instructions and am able to open the eBUSPlayer and connect to the camera. The problem is that i am not able to run any of the samples from the sdk (the samples are written in C++). I generated a c_cpp_properties.json where i have included the include folder. I have even tried manually including all the .h files and ended up getting a whole other error where it could not find the function declared in the header. The function was written inside the if: #ifdef UNIX . I have tried using both GCC and clang to compile the project.

Have anyone here succesfully run the ebus SDK samples on a nvidia controller?

Best regards.

Hi @Embeddediot ,

you are in a great forum here that can help you with most of your programming questions regarding a whole variety of hardware and industrial cameras used with Common Vision Blox.

Common Vision Blox (CVB) is a vision SDK that allows you to get images from a bunch of industrial cameras from different manufacturers using one and the same code.
To get started you might want to take a look at the following page:

or just

if you need to get started from the very bottom.

Thus, questions regarding any SDK other than CVB should be asked in forums that have the desired SDK as their main topic.

If you are done with installing CVB and configuring the hardware, you will find a getting started here for our wrappers (Python, C# and C++) leaving you with all their pros and cons and personal preferences.