OpenCV with GigE Vision SDK

i have problem with opencv and SDK for GigE. How can I add SDK for GigE to opencv. When I tryied adding include path in CMake i have error “GigEVisionSDK.h: no such file or directory”.
Can anyone help me?
I use Jetson TX1 with Dalsa Genie Nano.

I am thankful for any tips.

Hi @pavik1994!

for the Jetson TX1, please use our most up-to-date ARM64 package for Ubuntu 16.04 (this is assuming that you are using the Jetson with Ubuntu 16.04) from our download pages and run the script with admin rights.

This will install the headers and binaries of the ARM64 build of :cvb: on your machine. In the folder /opt/cvb/cmake you will find a FindCVB.cmake file. Make sure that CMake can find this file (ideally by adding /opt/cvb/cmake to your CMake search path). Afterwards you can use the CMake command

find_package(CVB REQUIRED)

to add :cvb: to your project. Don’t forget linking the required libraries to your binary, e.g.:


That should do it as far as :cvb: is concerned. You may also have a look at the example projects in the sub folders of /opt/cvb/tutorial for both, CMake and C++ sample code. For more questions you’re always welcome to ask here or support"at" :slight_smile: