Regulation regarding publishing an open source program using CVB


Hello! I’m about to be finished with a program and wish to publish it on Gitlab as an open source program. Before proceeding, i wanted to know if there is any regulation regarding publishing code using CVB drivers and .dll. Also would like to know what licensing do you recommend.

Best regards,
Pierre-Olivier Morin


Hi Pierre-Olivier!

I’m very sorry for keeping you waiting so long!

There are two things that might be of interest here. Number one is the CVB License agreement which you can download here: (1.9 MB) - ignore the registration bit on page 1, page 2 and 3 show the license terms.

The other thing to keep in mind is that there are in fact a few Open Source components in use inside :cvb: and applications built on top of :cvb: should declare the use of many of these to avoid violating their license terms. The full list of these components and their respective license terms is available here:

This information will also be installed as a *.chm and *.pdf file into the %CVB%\Doc directory every time you install :cvb:.

As far as code containing calls into the :cvb: library is concernced we do of course not impose any restrictions - after all it’s your code and the terms under which you give permission to use it is up to you.


Thanks a lot for your answer it helps a lot! hopefully, the program will soon be on gitlab.