How to get CVB++ for Linux?

Hi All

I’m interested in getting CVB++ Library for Linux, Could you please let me know where/how can I get it?

Is there any constraint about it?
Is there any available document describing the C++ APi?

Thanks in advance

Hi @mmolero,

currently we ship them only as a Windows installer which contains the headers, the documentation and a few examples. CVB++ is a header only facade around our C-api. So if you have a Windows installation available you can simply copy the headers to your Linux machine to $CVB/include/cvb. The api-reference is in form of a chm-file which is nicer to read on the Windows platform (CVB++.chm in the Doc subdirectory).

Our test compilers for CVB++ are

  • g++ 5.4 with -std=c++11
  • Visual C++ 14 (Visual Studio 2015)

If you have no Windows platform available please contact our support staff: