Microsoft Hyper V with GigE Cameras

Hi all,

I’m trying to get GigE cameras launched into Hyper V Windows 10 virtual machines but having trouble with dropped packets.

With jumbo packets off, I get about 10% of all packets dropped, with jumbo packets I get it down to about 1%.

In the host machine I can get zero packets dropped.

Does anyone have any experince with Virtual networking (specifically Hyper-V) and have any tips?
I have applied the usual Network card settings reccomended by CVB.

Hi @Hende

Our experience is, that you can’t expect full GigE Performance with GigE Vision Cameras on virtual machines.
If you want to use it for testing purposes you need to reduce the bandwidth of the image stream depending on the camera e.g. via Device Link Throughput Limit.

Using GigE Cameras in a virtual environment is always less reliable than on the host system. So I would not recommend using it for more than testing purposes.

Hiya @Sebastian ,
thanks for the reply.

Is this a general rule or is it specific to different Hypervisors?
I’ve only trued Microsofts Hyper-V so far

Hi @Hende,

Even if the Hypervisors have different implementations, it is always the case that they need to virtualize the network access somehow which results in a reduced performance.
From my knowledge we did not make tests to compare the performance of different virtual machines. Therefore, i can´t tell you if another Hypervisor performance better.

Even then we recommend optimize the acquisition so that you have the lowest possible CPU load and that there is enough room available for additional processing. This means do not use a virtual machine if performance is important.

As a FYI for anyone else wanting to try this:

Using SR-IOV on a 10GbE NIC I was able to get 3 GigE streams going without issues. However, anything after this proved too much and dropped packets started to occur once again.