How to update the firmware of a C4-2040-GigE camera

Hi all,

I was investigating how to improve the response of a C4-2040-GigE for highly reflective surfaces. And I found this application note, in which it is recommended to use the “FIR-Peak” mode:

And then I checked this changelog in which it is stated that the “FIR-Peak” function was implemented (or “improved”) in firmware 1.5.4:

The C4-2040-GigE I am using is running firmware 1.2.2. How do you update the firmware? I have the CVB Windows x64 13.02.002 version installed on a Windows 10 x64 PC. And the serial number is correctly recognized (I got it through that tool that generates it using your camera MAC address on stemmer website) on the “Common Vision Blox Management Console”. I tried to look in the documentation but it is not stated anywhere (or at least I could not find it) how to update the firmware.

I have also read these instructions but I could not find anything either:



Hi jmr,

normally all firmware updates for AT triangulation cameras are free of charge and can be performed by your distributor, or even by yourself.
Stemmer Imaging can provide you with the necessary upgrade packages.

However, the implementation of the FIR-Peak mode is slightly different. This specific tool is subject to a charge. Hence, this upgrade must be done by the manufacturer and requires an official order. Please talk to your sales contact in case you want to purchase this firmware.

Hi Moli,

This camera was bought by my department several years ago for a specific project. And now I want to reuse it for a different project. I don’t really know the distributor used to buy it. How can I get the upgrade packages free of charge that you mentioned?

Regarding the FIR-Peak mode, once I update the firmware and see what I can do with the camera, I will evaluate with my boss if it is worth purchasing a fancier firmware package.


Since this Forum is meant to be used for CVB programming questions only, please contact the Stemmer Imaging support to get the necessary data:
Please mention your contact details and the serial number of your camera.

Thank you!