How to get CVB Color Format programatically

How can i read the CVB Color Format(defined in the GenICam Device Configurator) programatically via the C++ API?

I have found a function to set it, but no function to get/read it.

Hi @popeye

the CVB Color Format form the GenICam device configuration is written into the GenICam.ini file as integer. This file is located in %CVBDATA%/drivers. The format will be applied to the streamed images if you load a device using the
There is no direct way to read it, except from the INI file.
Can you describe your use case, I guess there is another way to cover your requirement.

If you use the discover interface (DeviceFactory::Discover), you can call .SetParameter("PixelFormat", "0") on the returned entries (not on the list). The "0" is the value from the ini file; meaning raw in this case.