GEVServer EnumEntries


Hi CVB Team,

As i understand it all GEVServer nodes have to have a unique name.

Our enumerations sometimes have common “names”, e.g. many of those enumerations contain an entry “None”.

Is it possible to add e.g. a “None” enum entry node to the server once, but add it to multiple enumeration nodes?

If this does not work is there any workaround for having multiple “None” enum entries?

BR, thanks in advance



EnumEntrys are special in that they depend on their parent Enumeration. Non-inline EnumEntrys always had issues in the GenICam GenApi and are forbidden since version 3. Thus you need a “None”-entry for each of your Enumerations.

As they depend on their parent, the GenApi takes care of it and produces a dependent name. So no clashes here. As for your work: Just create a function returning a newly created “None” node which you then add to the Enumeration-nodes.


Hi parsd,

thanks for the fast answer.