GenICamBrowser and Registry key "CV GenICam Driver INI-File"


I am testing cvb 13.03.001.

Concerning GENICAM.INI:

  • CVB Managemlent Console uses “CV GenICam Driver INI-File” registry key to access genicam.ini
  • GenIcamBrowser uses %CVBDATA% to access genicam.ini

So, there is a coherency problem with GenIcamBrowser.exe, especially if it tends to replace Management Console to configure genicam.ini.

In my company, we are using “CV GenICam Driver INI-File” registry key to store “genicam.ini” in our DATA directory. At each customer site, when we get the DATA directory of a machine, we naturally get genicam.ini (otherwise it was at 99% sure that the man who got the datas did not remember to go to cvb directory to copy one file).
So we far prefer the solution to store genicam.ini in user’s choice directory.

Best regards,


Hi Mikael!

You’re raising a very valid point here, thanke you! I’ll take this into a discussion with the development team and we’ll get back to you on this. However, realistically the reply will take until next year… :christmas_tree:

Ok, no problem.