GenICamBrowser error loading shared library

Hello everyone,

I recently installed the latest CVB version (13.02.002) for Ubuntu 18.04 x64 using the provided script. It is, however, not possible to execute any of the binaries that are using the shared library, such as the GenICamBrowser, the LicenseManager or any of the tutorial examples. I confirmed that it is finding all the other libQt5* libraries from /opt/cvb/qt using ldd.

Did I miss anything during the installation process?

Hi @Photon,

I just checked the installation on clean Ubuntu and it works for me.
Did you see any error messages during installation? If there are any errors the installation might be incomplete, and the RPATH might not be set correctly.

Hi @Andreas,

There were no error messages during installation as far as I recall. What I perhaps should have mentioned is that I tried installing it in the Windows Subsystem for Linux for testing purposes, which I am aware is not explicitly supported, but I couldn’t think of why that would interfere with the linking process. It’s working fine on an actual native installation, so this probably won’t be an issue for us going forward.

Thanks for checking!

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Did you try to invoke the applications (GenICamBrowser, LogGui, LicenseManager) from within WSL? If so, then this is the issue here: WSL currently comes without an X-Server, therefore WSL alone is incapable of launching an application with a GUI. There are workarounds for this that rely on an X-Server that is external to the WSL environment (see here for a guide based on X410; something similar might work with Cygwin-X). These might work with the :cvb: applications, but I never tested something like that…

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I used VcXsrv for an X-Server and other GUI applications are working fine. Based on the error message I don’t think this is an X-Server issue.

Ok, you are in untested territory. However I can provide the following tips…

  1. Install the Ubuntu1804 stock Qt and compile a UI tutorial with it. If this works it is likely that a plugin is missing from the CVB installation. We do not ship all available plugins!
  2. Backup the /opt/cvb/qt folder
  3. In order to fix the GeniCam browser and other CVB UI tools, which we do not ship in source you can create symlinks in /opt/cvb/qt containing the infix, but actually pointing to the stock Qt libs.

Don’t forget to run ldconfig :wink:

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I have been using Genicambrowser with VcXsrv for a while now. It works.(other services may not be started and USB is an issue in WSL).


I don’t actually see the error message in the post. Am I missing something?

Could you post it again?

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IIRC it was

error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I migrated my entire development environment to Ubuntu 18.04, so I cannot reproduce the error anymore.