Genicam explorer and XML camera file

With CVB, Console management has a GUI to remove XML GIGE camera files. It is sometimes necessary to remove them after a camera firmware upgrade/downgrade (the XML file may be incompatible).
With CVB, I tried to do it manually but I had to “repair” CVB.
With CVB 14, where is this useful GUI?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @Mikael,

there is no GUI anymore, but there is a command-line based application called EditBindings, located in %cvb%/Applications


The Edit Bindings tool @TStadler mentioned could be used for your purpose. But it is normally intended to be used to modify single XML links or bindings.

In your use case, which sadly sometimes happens when the camera supplier does not update the XML version the much faster way is what you already tried to do with one small difference.
The recommended approach is:
Delete this file:
and all files in:

You probably also deleted the “Files”-folder which was detected by the installer which triggered a setup repair. If you do not delete the “Files”-folder you should be fine and the registry.db and all XML files are generated automatically and downloaded from the cameras without triggering a setup repair.

Additionally, I recently heard that one of our main camera suppliers with which we had this issue of not updated XML versions changed this with the newest firmware.
I hope that from now on we do not run into this issue as often as we did in the past years.

Ok thanks for your support.