Changing bith depth camera programatically

Starting with a camera configured in a mono8 Pixel format, I want to change the format to mono16 via the node interface. After calling the IrImageSize function the images are still mono8.

I checked if the driver.ini was set to auto, and it was. Is there something I overlooked?

This can be resolved by releasing the camera all together, changing the pixel format in the .ini file and reloading the .vin driver, but it seems to me that the IrImageSize should be able to do this? Alternatively, is there perhaps another method of getting a fresh new image from the camera without reloading the driver?

The CVB Color Format set to “auto” will convert a mono16 pixel format to 8Bit.

To get an image with more than 8Bit you need to set the CVB Color Format to “mono16”

I think the reason for this behaviour is that with “auto” you get an 8Bit mono or color image which can be interpreted by the display without further conversion on a 8Bit Display.

I understand that this is not what you expect if you use the CVB Color Format “auto”. I will discuss this with the developers if we could change this behaviour.

I allready suspected something in those lines. Is the CVB color format “raw” the appropriate setting if switching bit depth is desired?

“raw” does not convert at all. It would work for pixel formats like Mono8 and Mono16 where no conversion is needed. But if you have other pixel formats like Mono10Packed you need a conversion of the raw data. Then you need to set your desired CVB Color format by yourself.