and DALSA TurboDrive versions

I am looking into using DALSA cameras with TurboDrive. I know that CVB supports it in the Genicam driver, but I believe there are different versions of TurboDrive and I don’t see any mention of that in the CVB documentation.

My understanding is that there are versions of TurboDrive v1 that are lossless and the CVB documentation seems to refer to this. But I believe that is also TurboDrive v2 that allows more compression, but is lossy.

Can you let me know the supported version(s)?

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Hi @LincolnshirePoacher,

Indeed, there are two versions of TurboDrive. The (lossy) v2 version is supported by :cvb: since 13.1.
Please mind that by default, v1 is activated in the camera. You will need to install a special firmware to use the lossy version.

What the official FAQ paper of Dalsa says about the v1:

“Throughput increases range from 20-150%, with 50-100% common”

And the readme of the firmware supporting TurboDrive 2.0 contains following table:


Hope this helps!

Does that mean that the CVB Genicam driver will automatically choose which to use based on the camera’s firmware? So, if the camera is putting out TurboDrive v2, CVB (13.1) will simply work? No other settings?

Thanks for the information so far.


Of course you can change the compression ratio as mentioned in the table above. This can then be done in the cameras NodeMap. By default it’s set to 100% (lossless).

That is impressive!

Thanks for the quick answers/

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