Flickering ROIs when mouse over

I have a couple of questions, maybe you can help me.
1.- Why my labels or ROIs or AOIs are flickering when the mouse is moving over the display? (I have the CVB dongle)
2.- Why my display do not keep the zoom I have set by “MouseWheelMode” when a new Image is snapped?
Thank you very much!

Hi @George ,

for the flickering, can you try and toggle the UseDirectDraw property of the display control? DirectDraw may improve drawing performance which is likely to eliminate your flicker problem. You may also go to the “General Settings” page of the management console and try different settings for the “DirectX version to use for Display”:

Concerning the zoom: Do you really mean snapping, or does it actually reset when you set a new value on the display’s Image property? Setting the Image property will reset the zoom state. You can suppress this by setting Display.SuppressPaint to true. Do that, read out the current zoom state then set the new value to Image, apply the old zoom factor and center again an set SuppressPaint back to false - that should do the trick.

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Hello illusive, sorry for the late response, I was out.
We have tried all Display Settings properties and flickering is still happening when you move the mouse over the display.
Any other idea? that flickering It’s really annoying! :slight_smile:
Thank you again!!

Hi George!

Sorry, I have been offline for a while.
I am a bit at a loss as to what the reasons might be here. Last time I saw the effect you described was like 15+ years ago with a seriously bad onboard graphics adapter - hardware is likely not the issue.

I am still assuming that there is too much happening on the display for it to copy (something like adding e. g. 100 overlays in a loop without disabling redraw as I described it would e. g. cause trouble because it’ll cause 5050 repaints of the image plus overlays:

… and moving the mouse over it would not help.
Is there any way you can paste some code or isolate the effect you are seeing into a sample project that you can upload here?