Abnormal image acquisition

I’m using cvb.net for a basic live display in c# application.

I had a few occurence where the image look like the below on app startup. The camera is looking at a green backlight so the full image is green in normal acquisition condition.

Restarting the app make the image “back to normal”. I cant seem the reproduce the issue manually so not too sure what could be the cause.

Any pointers would be appreciated!





I have an idea about what the problem is. If you are changing settings that concern the memory of an image (e.g. ‘PixelFormat’), we need to update the image data. This way, we get the data that we expect.

Check out this post: https://forum.commonvisionblox.com/t/how-to-update-driver-memory-after-changing-camera-parameters/1526/7

That would also explain why restarting the application does solve the issue :slight_smile:


Does your application immediately acquire and display an image when it starts after loading the driver? You could try to disable “Snap Image On Load Driver” in the Windows registry. This setting can be found under “HKLM\SOFTWARE\Common Vision Blox\Image Manager”. In older CVB versions this setting is also exposed in the Management Console if I recall correctly.