MouseWheel display zoom not working with V14.00.006

I 've seen a probable regression:
I’ve installed last version 14.00.006 x64 on Windows 10 64bits.
MouseWheel does not zoom anymore.
I’ve tried “VCSizeableDisplay.exe” and also “Image Viewer”.
Both have the option MouseWheel “MW_ZOOM” and it does not work.

Best regards,

Hi @Mikael

I can’t reproduce this behaviour.
I also tested it with CVB 14.00.006 x64 on Windows 10 x64 and VCSizeableDisplay.

Please check your Mouse settings and if your Mouse Wheel really works in other non CVB applications.

Hi Sebastian,
Very strange, my mouse wheel works normally on windows and on “Photos” app from microsoft.
Maybe there is something in my configuration. This is a new PC.
Below my configuration.


Hi @Mikael

can you try setting the “Manual Display Refresh Enabled” entry in the registry to “0” instead of “1” and check if that changes things?

Hi Illusive,

can you try setting the “Manual Display Refresh Enabled” entry in the registry to “0” instead of “1” and check if that changes things?


Sorry, then I am at a loss, too. Like @Sebastian I cannot see any issue with 14.00.006.

Maybe we can try a Teamviewer if it helps.

With the same version, my dongle CVB i seen by codemeter (Common Vision Blox 2011, SN 999) and not seen in CVB License manager (the 2 services CVB and codemeter are running).

Hi @Mikael ,

could you please get in touch with our support team?

If inform them to forward your request to me, I will contact you to further look into the issue.


Hi Chris,
about the dongle WIBU. It didn’t work because my company forbids in Windows USB Keys and the Wibu dongle is USB dongle. The dongle is seen by codemeter control center by not by cvb.

About the display, the zoom issue still occurs with “common vision blox viewer”.

Hi Mikael,

as I also cannot reproduce this error on my machine, I think we might be faceing some configuration/ installation problems on your machine.

Some ideas:

Try uninstalling CVB, make sure no data is left in the “STEMMER IMAGING” folder under “C:\Program Files”.
The reinstall CVB and take care to choose the correct architecture for the installer (just to be dead sure).

Try the %cvb%Tutorial\Image Manager\Cvb.Net\Display example.
This one does not use ocx’es thus we can make sure they are not part of the problem.

This would be the last things I would check if this was to happen on my machine.
If this still does not solve the problem I would kindly ask you to contact our support as mentioned above so we can set things up to look at this issue closer on your machine.