CVB installer hangs on Windows

I have had several occasions where the CVB installer hangs for a very long time without actually doing anything. This has happened during installation as well as deinstallation of the product. The symptoms are a bit different depending on whether it happens during installation or deinstallation:

  • installation
    The installer hangs near what seems to be the end of the installation. The progress bars for file copy etc. have run through, but the installer just doesn’t finish. It seems the filese have all(?) been copied at that point

  • deinstallation
    The setup hangs before anything has happened - the setup window just hangs around seemingly indefinitely without actually doing anything. The fileset is untouched as far as I can tell.

Hi @taserface ,

does the installation and uninstallation still work after waiting a reasonable amount of time?
I saw similar behaviour to what you described and I think, especially when you have a lot of small files that are being copied/deleted, it might not be rudimentary to get an exact representation of the current progress in the progressbar.


Hi @taserface

when the installation hangs entirely (i. e. not merely takes a few minutes to do its job) a look at the task manager might be helpful. Please open it and check in the process list if a process named CVSetup.exe is present. If so, then please kill it - the installer should then continue doing its job.

It may happen (I’ve seen it once and cannot outrule that it occurs again) that after killing CVSetup.exe the installer emits and error message and terminates. If you have been uninstalling, then please try again, if you have been installing then this should not make a difference.


CVSetup.exe (and CVSetup.dll) are two binaries from STEMMER IMAGING installed into the folder %CVB%\Hardware\StemmerImaging\siNetFilter. Their purpose is to attach the siNetFilter.sys driver to your network adapters so that it can filter GEV packet from the incoming data stream and pass them on directly to :cvb:. For doing its job, CVSetup.exe relies on a configuration API for network adapters from Microsoft.

For many years this has been working without issues, but lately we have seen more and more issues with recent builds of Windows 10 and with Windows 11 that there is this install/uninstall stall that you describe and noticed that CVSetup.exe hangs because one of the configuration API functions simply doesn’t return.

At the moment, killing the CVSetup.exe is the workaround for this. This is not particularly nice, but also not really dangerous: The CVSetup.exe calls are scheduled to appear either before the InstallInitialize call (deinstallation) or after the InstallFinalize call. In both cases, killing CVSetup.exe will not jeopardize the file set, registry settings etc. because the either have not been touched yet or already been taken care of.

A proper fix for this will be rolled out with the CVB 14.00.004 installer.

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Good point. My reply referred to the exact situation @taserface described. It is, however, as you point out, @Chris, operations with many small files take a considerable amount of time. It is not uncommon for the installer to appear to be stuck for a few minutes before it moves on.

However, if deinstall hangs right at the start before even a progress bar really shows or at the very end when the progress bar(s) has/have already fully run through then this delay is not related to the number of files to be processed.

Make sure to properly distinguish between these two situations.

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