Connection State Change - speed of detection


Is there anyway of increasing the speed that CVB detects when a camera is disconnected?

Currently this takes several seconds, ideally we need to know if a camera is disconnected faster if possible.

Many Thanks

Hi @BitSmith,

If you get a link loss which is detected by the OS you should get a disconnect message very fast. This depends on how fast the OS gives us the information.
A connection loss only detected by a heartbeat timeout can take up to 3 seconds. This is our default heartbeat timeout.
This can be changed within CVB with the “HeartbeatTimeout” Parameter. Setting it too low can make more harm if you get connections losses more often than you want.

A better solution could be to read a camera feature within a reasonable interval. If this can not be read, the camera is not available any more. For that, you need to use a feature which is not cached (Caching Mode: no Cache).

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