Configure nested nodemap entry

Hi I’m trying to configure a parameter in the nodemap which is accessed through a nested selector.

The export of the configuration file looks like this: Std::Height[Std::RegionSelector(Scan3dExtraction1)] = “2500”

So I’d probably want to do something (pseudoish) like:

var region = nodemap[“Std::EnumEntry_RegionSelector_Scan3dExtraction1”]
region[“Std::Height”] = 2500

Any pointers would be appreciated

So the nodemap looks similar to this:

  • nodemap[“Std::RegionSelector”] = “Region0” (EnumerationNode)
    • Entries
      • “Std::EnumEntry_RegionSelector_Region0” (EnumEntryNode)
      • “Std::EnumEntry_RegionSelector_Region1” (EnumEntryNode)
      • “Std::EnumEntry_RegionSelector_Scan3dExtraction1” (EnumEntryNode)
    • SelectedNodes (IEnumerable < ValueNode >)
      • “Std::Height” = 832

The problem here is that I would like to configure “Std::Height” = 2500, however this “Std::Height” currently refers to the height of Region0, would I configure this for Region Scan3dExtraction1?


Hi @gajus

I think what you need to do in order to change the value of Scan3dExtraction1 is, set the selected value of your RegionSelector to Scan3dExtraction1, from now on you should be able to change the height.