Automatically start logging

Using the CVB logging via LogGui is great, but it has one downside; you have to remember to turn it on…

Is there perhaps a way to have the log started automatically? Of course, these files can quickly grow in size, but when debugging rare events it can be nice to have the logging start automatically upon boot. In my case, I want to set warning level logging. How to do this?


The LogGUI does not do the logging, it’s only a GUI for easier usage / handling / view. The logging is done by the log service:

In Configuration part of the LogGUI you can set a file as logging destination, then you do not need the LogGUI:


Setting the file as log destination, the logging is written to that file automatically.

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… whoops :flushed:! That was way simpler than I thought. Can’t believe I overlooked that. Ah well, thanks for the gentle pointer :slight_smile: .

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You are welcome! :grin: