About Polimago Classification and Regression Project Testing Image

Image Resolution 2048 X 2200 (Using Line Scan Camera Grab Image)
Image Format MONO
Image Count 82
I Create Two Class.
Class Finger, Sample Count 50
Class Scratch, Sample Count 163
The Testing Result

I found the test result is building on the images from building classification file. I think should be use a different images for test…

Can i use new images to test classification result, not use the sample images from building classification file ?

If you ran the Leave-Out Test in the TeachBench, the test is not performed on images that have been used for training. With the k-fold cross-validation (also called hold-out test or leave-out test), the test is performed on images that have been excluded during training to reflect the classifiers performance on “unknown/new” images.

This is also explained in the mouse-over tool tip: